Friday, April 22, 2011

Tenth Anniversary of Perpetual Adoration May 1 at Resurrection

May 1st at 11:30 a.m. mass Bishop Quinn returns to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Perpetual Adoration here at Resurrection.  When I was assigned here Bishop Quinn mentioned strongly the presence of Perpetual Adoration at Resurrection and how it’s a great grace to a parish.  At my previous parish we began Adoration two year ago with an earnest goal of Perpetual Adoration.  Though in its infancy they push forward and continue to realize that goal.  I realized now how much grace and determination it has taken over the years by the Adoration team here at Resurrection and the faithfulness of many parishioners to take on this prayerful ministry.  I realized now after having been graced at Resurrection with Perpetual Adoration and joining it during its maturing  years, Bp Quinn was correct, the many graces and blessing sitting with the Lord and contemplating our sorrow and need for forgiveness and mercy, praising and thanking him for blessings, graces and mercies received and interceding through the Jesus  Christ to the Father for many prayers, petitions and hopes and blessing, we pray this ministry of prayer continues on in perpetuity at Resurrection so that it might be a grace for our parish, our Church and for the life of the World.

I would be remiss if we didn’t mention the great day of May 1st also includes a great event today.  Our dear departed Pope John Paul II is beatified today and it’s fitting that Pope Benedict XVI has elevated him to this status on this day of Divine Mercy.  We know refer to him as Blessed John Paul II and pray for another miracle attributed to him that he might be canonized in our lifetime.  He stood for Life, he stood for the poor, he believed the Church can and would be an agent of changed as her people would be strengthened by prayer, sacraments and the Word of God and the intercession of Mary.  We’re grateful that he continues to intercede for us with the great communion of saints.

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