Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I sit here at my desk, waiting for the 8:15 mass to finish, cup of coffee and thinking what a beautiful morning!  My Nona DeMarco always said to her children that whatever the weather was on Palm Sunday it would be the opposite on Easter Sunday.  She was right again.  Lousy and rainy and cold Palm Sunday and a beautiful Easter Sunday morning.  Of course that goes the other way too.  When I was in Rome on Sabbatical in 2003 and Palm Sunday was gorgeous and 85 degrees, Easter Sunday was mid 60's and rainy.   Even John Paul II couldn't get past my Nona!

We've had beautiful Holy Week and Triduum liturgies.  The people really enter in, Holy Thursday was beautiful, and Father Shawn my associate gave one of the most beautiful Good Friday celebrations I've ever seen.  The Easter Vigil was wonderful and a newly baptized member joined us for the first time at the Lord's table.

This morning it's still a beautiful day to remember that Christ is risen!  He is Risen indeed!  Just as he promised long ago and that the Father would bring salvation to us all by His Son's suffering death and resurrection.  The stone is rolled away, what shall we do.  Christ has gone ahead of us and we must follow with eager anticipation during this Easter Season and beyond.  May you all have a great Easter day, and Easter season filled with much joy, happiness and hope!

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