Monday, March 21, 2011

Father Kevin's New Blog


Today I begin a Blog which will contain all sorts of information, insights, commentaries and other assorted news.  I hope to learn more about putting pictures and videos that might be of interest to all of you who visit this site.  This site will be geared to help get out correct information and clear understanding of all areas that are important to the growth of our community in the Catholic Church.  Areas such as Sacred Scripture, Liturgy, Doctrine, Pastoral practice and Charity and other areas as they come up.  We will talk about current events and how they can be brought into the life of the the person of faith who seeks understanding and knowledge and wisdom on their journey of faith.  Know that I do this with the help of a lot of people and I'm hopeful that God will bless this new endeavor in life as we all go forward to love and serve the Lord and bring the Good News into the world in new ways.  May God bless you always, and in all ways.